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The Elder Helper

The "Elder Helper" is our quarterly newsletter that highlights important issues for elders and their families. The first issue was published in the winter of 2002.  The newsletter is just 1 page only. It is brief enough so that people can read it in less than 3 minutes, but long enough to educate you on an important topic and make you think.

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Below are the past editions of The Elder Helper:


To help caregivers, Jo developed the ten (10) tools for caregivers to use when communicating with someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Keep in mind, that these tools are not easy initially, and will require patience and practice.
In order to understand Medicaid (MassHealth) eligibility, you first need to know how Medicaid treats your assets. This is not always easy since the laws are constantly changing. Recent changes have made it even more difficult for a couple to preserve their assets.
A Love Story - The latest Elder Helper
Information regarding saving the home.
Protecting your home & assets, and becoming eligible for Medicaid is now much harder. Some of the changes are set forth in this edition.
It’s a problem that may soon be the preferred crime of the ages. As the number of seniors continue to soar so does the number of people seeking to separate them from their money.
What exactly is Hospice? Hospice is a specialized type of medicine for the terminally ill.
The main advantage of joint ownership is that it is simple to accomplish. Upon death, ownership transfers easily to the surviving joint owners.

Jim assisting some of his clients